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Dee Campling Rocks!


As a small and fledgling business we are always so grateful to those people that support us. (and believe you me we need all the help we can get) Whether it's a like on Instagram, a friendly comment, or dare we say a sale! knowing that we have a following, small as it may be, helps us hugely moving forward, giving us the inspiration we need.

Interiors stylist and blogger Dee Campling is one such person. We met her earlier this year at the Pop Up shop we organised at the ever stylish home of Lisa Dawson who together with Dee has created an Interior Business whereby they offer styling advice at workshops throughout the year.

What we love about Dee is her pared back organic approach and her ability to be resourceful when styling clients homes. Her distinctive style sets her apart and its this that's won her a huge following on instagram.

Take a look at these pics and if you don't already do so give her a follow @deecampling


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