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House of fiv5

Like most of us we have loved connecting through the little squares of inspiration and delight found in the land of instagram. We've all got our thing going on, whether it's an online store, blogging about our favourite home inspo on Pinterest or doing up our own homes in a creative, non-conformist way. We could name hundreds of accounts that personally inspire us and we can never understand those people with thousands of followers who follow few in return. There is so much out there to love.

One of our favourite instagrammers, who is forging her career directly through instagram is Suus Van Dam of House of fiv5. Suus passion and energy flows effortlessly from her initial ideas to her finished work, resulting in strong statement pieces, which are exhuberant and spontaneous in message and medium. A favourite of ours being " Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off "- you get what we mean.





After having a House of fiv5 plate commissioned for a present, we were so in love with what Suus produced that a collaboration to us was the obvious next step.




As you may know we are super proud of our paper quality and inks and knew that taking a House of fiv5 original and photographing it would produce something pretty special and guess what - IT HAS. 



To give this the exclusivity it deserves we decided to do a run of fifty prints of each of the two designs commissioned. We hope you can see that passion comes first here and these prints have come straight from the heart. The sentiments "I am looking for the extra in the ordinary" and "When the world says fit in stand out" again echo a feeling, an emotion and a message to the viewer that shouts out - DO YOU!  

We asked Suus a few questions and viola, here are her answers

1. What’s you favourite song?
Oh that question is so hard  because I can't choose. Currently I am listening to Sal Houdini, especially when I am working or Bruno Mars, Drake and maybe later today to Sade live in Moscow and SIA or Roison Murphy but every morning Sal Houdini
2.  Who is you role model and why?
Honestly..I dont have one. I have admiration for some people, like my best friend Tarah. She is the best! I admire people who don't give up, who smile in the rain and dare to be honest. I admire people with a story and a love for life.
3. What is the best advice that you’ve been given?
4. What does a perfect day look like to you?
A day without looking at my watch, spending time with my kids and friends, making them food and laughing. Moments with a nice cigar and a glass of wine, just thinking about life and allthough I don't like shopping, spending some money without counting. Going to the beach and ordering everything they serve and of course champagne. I love to drink champagne without making it something I do everyday.
5. How would your friends describe you?
Oh Oh .. haha! My closest friends would describe me as a powerwoman, funny and someone who will never give up. Honest, strange and sweet.
6.What inspired you to do what you do?  
Actually it was poverty and a drive to explore my talents. I have always been creative but lost it because of circumstances. When it came back to me I started to fabricate plates, first like a novice but I went through some growing and then some more haha. I want to conquer the world with plates with edgy wording and a mix of prints.
7. What’s your favourite era?
My favourite era would be the one we are living in today.
8. Who inspires you on Instagram? 
Oh there are so many. People who fight for a better world, people that started from scratch. The real people, designers, artists working from their kitchen table. The liberteens, people without arrogance, people with passion, hardworkers and go-getters. I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE WITH "INFLUENCER" IN THEIR BIO.