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About us

Hello, thanks for stopping by.
We are Susan and Donna, design duo working from our studio in the east coast of Fife. Our idea for an art print business began at the kitchen table, when we were lucky enough to have 10 minutes or so to grab coffee and discover we both had a passion for design and interiors. We laugh a lot (hence the name), and tend to not take life too seriously. Over the last year we have been working on our collection, and hope that there might be something for you.
What makes us amused?
We started as friends, and in a lightbulb kind of moment we realised our love of typography, photography and all things interior could actually be a business.
We both need no excuses to stop for coffee (and cake of course) and often retreat to the comfort of a sofa when we are having designer's block
We often turn up at the studio in the morning dressed identically (without  getting the memo)
We both can belly laugh